In Defense of Weezer

I can still remember the day a teacher, and friend, of mine handed me an album thinking I would like it. It was not new but it was not yet outdated. The album was simple and minimalistic in appearance. It was simply a blue disc that had white lettering on it that simply said “Weezer.” Upon placing it in the CD player of my car the incredible opus of “My Name is Jonas” immediately had me hooked and Weezer has been one of my favorite bands since that moment. Many serious fans of music will understand my love of the Weezer of old. This support usually runs out around the third or fourth album, however, and they have been scorned and ridiculed by most critics since. This article is my attempt to explain why Weezer continues to be a great band who make great music. Continue reading “In Defense of Weezer”

Top 20 Albums of All Time

When making my list of my favorite 20 albums of 2010, it occurred to me that a basic understanding of my personal music taste was needed, not only for any readers who care at all, but also for myself. It has been many years since I attempted to download and process the vast amounts of music I have consumed in my lifetime so there’s no time like the present. Although these lists are living organisms, ever changing in the vast musical landscape day by day, I want to attempt to create a list of my favorite albums of all time. This list does not include of few of my favorite bands such as The Band and The Beatles simply due to the fact that picking a single album from their discographies is a task I did not want to attempt. Continue reading “Top 20 Albums of All Time”