Dr. Dog – Shame, Shame

With the release of their previous album, Fate, Dr. Dog hit the nail on the head. In a few words Dr. Dog is the revival of fun Americana music with twists and turns at every corner taking the listener to a place they did not know this kind of music could take them to.

At one moment it’s sentimental and sweet and the next moment it’s abrasive and rude. Somehow Dr. Dog can cause one to explore the full gamut of human emotions while sounding like the same band from song to song. Being such a huge fan of Fate, I was excited see how the band would be able to follow up an album so vast. The result, titled “Shame, Shame” takes what Dr. Dog did with Fate and turns it up to 11! It is a perfect blend of folk, rock, blues, and pop encompassing everything that’s possible in their genre. It is musically and lyrically mature echoing bands of the caliber of The Beatles and The Band as opposed to their contemporaries.

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